Xiah RX


Happy for all that joined us for the 'soft open' sneak peek of the server. It was a HUGE success! We got a decent understanding of our limits, (there are not many), and hope you all had a great time checking it out! There seems to be many of you wanting to be either testers and / or want to have another open to explore more, and play further. I'm glad your excited, but understand there is so much to be done, and I cannot do it alone. Therefore, I'm going to start adding some new testers, and removing some of those who don't exactly fit anymore into a testing role anymore. If your selected as a testing role, I will message you privately via this site. There will be specific requirements for all testers from here out, because I will not be able to carry all the load anymore. All those interested in getting a task message me, and tell me your strengths so I can better assign tasks. 

And again Happy New Year!

- Lek

This is it! Despite the delays and problems we've had to go through, the wait is over! See The Server Announcements in the forum for the weblink to make your account!

Happy New Year!!


Announced possible 'soft open' date and time for a sneak peak...
See the server announcement in the forums.


Updated Launcher:
See the forums for details.
- Lek

Currently we are in the private beta testing phase of the server, and currently have more help then we need at for testing. If we need any further testers we will message people directly, and will only message people we know until the server goes into the Open Beta Testing phase. The open beta test phase is scheduled to be the end of December or the begining of January. This may change at any time depening on the testing phase so check this page regularly for updates!

- Lek

     Webs.com is a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to creating accounts for our website. Let me remind you that to play our Private Server, you do not need to create an account with this website. Thank god. Let me also add that creating an account for this website is for posting on Forums, adding videos and pictures, or just general chatter. 

     When you sign up for an account for this page, please be patient when waiting for your verification    E-mail. Webs.com is extremely slow with sending them and I've made a report about it to them. Hang tight and the verification should arrive within at least 3 days... UGH! 

Regards, D.                                                                                                           7/16/2012

Welcome to our page! =)                                            7/15/2012

     Web design is new for us so please be patient while we continue to make edits. This page so far is solely for the purpose of posting pictures, videos, and forum discussions. We are hoping to create a link soon enough for users to create their game logins to use on our XiahRX private server. For now, simply enjoy our forums and feel free to post any pictures & videos (Rude, offensive, and obscene pics & vids will be deleted and you will be given a warning which could lead to possible account bans for repeated offenders. 

     Please view the forums of this page on a regular basis to check for new updates and general server related or website related news feeds. I won't be adding much more feeds to this home page in an effort to keep it neat and not cluttered. So please, feel free to clutter up our forums! That's what they are there for :)

Thanks, D.